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     We're delighted with the service from Southfields Carpet Cleaning. It's simply that clear!
     Fantastic at communicating to address problems. Consistently friendly and helpful. They always honor their word and send skilled cleaners too.
Oliver T.31/05/2024
     With Southfields Cleaning Carpet, we know that our home will be cleaned to perfection without any hassle or stress on our end.
Wyatt M.17/05/2024
     I was amazed by how quickly and efficiently these cleaners completed the job while still delivering exceptional results.
Norma Flack16/04/2024
     I am so grateful for the exceptional work done by these two cleaners - they were efficient, respectful, hardworking, and consistently kept me informed through clear communication. I highly recommend them and will definitely be using their services again.
     This company has stolen my heart with their impeccable service. They assisted me for the first time ever yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. The team was extremely friendly and remarkably efficient.
Paulette Pool20/03/2024
     Thanks to the excellent work of the cleaner this morning, my carpets look brand new again! They were professional and meticulous in their approach.
      Carpet Cleaning Company Southfields's team members showed exceptional dependability, upbeat attitude, and productivity as they successfully cleaned a grubby house to perfection. Despite facing setbacks such as a rail strike causing some members to be late, they didn't let it hinder their work ethic and stayed until every surface was thoroughly cleaned. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the entire team!
     What an outstanding job by this top-rated company offering speedy services at affordable prices.
Monica H.04/02/2024
     They have set the bar high with their flawless service for my end of tenancy clean and carpet cleaning needs.
N. Shamoon25/01/2024
     The person was an absolute pleasure to work with - friendly, efficient, and detail-oriented - resulting in my place looking absolutely stunning.
     To my surprise, the clean went above and beyond my expectations, reviving my old cream stair and landing carpet into something beautiful.
Nicole F.18/12/2023
     Truly thankful for the exceptional Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning service provided - my house looks fantastic post-cleaning!
J. Howard20/11/2023
     The cleaners were really something. They got our entire flat done in half the time that it took our previous cleaning service. Saved me a few quid. I would recommend Carpet Cleaning Company Southfields.
Frank O.21/05/2020
     If you are living and are in need of office cleaners, don't hesitate to call Southfields Cleaning Carpet. They do not disappoint.
     I couldn't have asked for a better oven cleaning service. They removed the grease and charged me an affordable price. Amazing cleaning company!
Tracy H.10/03/2017
     I was in need of a cheap carpet cleaning service for my flat. I read many positive things about Southfields Carpet Cleaning so I decided to call them. What I got was a team of professionals who made everything so simple and easy. They cleaned the carpet perfectly! Brilliant work!
Erin Spencer07/12/2016
     Having lots of pets means that hair and stains on my carpet is unavoidable. Not wanting to live in with dirty carpets though, I called SouthfieldsCarpetCleaners for help. I was eager to hire their cleaners once I received a free quote and was happy with the result. Every bit of hair and dust, and even the most stubborn stain was banished. My carpets look great but I know they will be messy again, so I'll give SouthfieldsCarpetCleaners another call.
Trevor P.18/12/2014
     I gave SouthfieldsCarpetCleaners a quick call and I have to admit, they provided an excellent service! My wife keeps looking around to ask me who's been doing all of the cleaning... I still do some of it myself, but during the day, I have to say, this firm is really spot on. I got the idea from a website that was talking about how to improve your work space if you work from home, and it was a good move! Not only does this free up more of my hours, but the prices are very reasonable and their employees are always amiable and efficient. They're good in my book!
Tim Peterson23/10/2014
     My marble floors are my pride and joy and as I do most of my business from home they tend to get a little bit dirty - specks of powder, dirt from boots, fluids, spilled drinks and what have you - it all adds up to a dirty floor one way or another. I have to create a good impression in my business and so I asked my wife Michele to contact SouthfieldsCarpetCleaners and get them in to clean up. They were fantastic and I can't thank them enough for restoring the sparkle to my floor. I am very pleased with this service!
Tony D.09/10/2014
     I never thought I'd have a professional cleaner, but when I became self-employed I had too many things on my plate to even think about the cleaning, never mind pick up a duster! I got in touch with SouthfieldsCarpetCleaners and hired a cleaner who was very skilled and very thorough too. There's nothing bad that I have to say about this cleaning company. They're very efficient, friendly, affordable and my house looks like a show home now! I love coming home to a clean and sanitary house and everything has never looked better than it does after my cleaner's gone. This is the best cleaning company by far!